Corporate Drone

Are you tired of being a mindless robot for a corporation? If you get paid less than you deserve and lack job security, career coaching will help launch YOUR CAREER REVOLUTION.

Training to be a corporate drone starts early. Remember in school when you were taught to color in the lines, sit quietly, and follow the rules? The life lessons we learned during our early years set us up for a future in corporate America where we are forced to toe the line and follow company policy to get results. Innovation and spark are put on the back burner as people climb the corporate ladder.

In the past, hard work and dedication guaranteed a comfortable financial future and upward mobility. Today, landing a job at a Fortune 500 firm is not a guarantee of success. Upgrades in technology, outsourcing, and current events are changing the corporate landscape. What we call THE NEW CAREER ECONOMY where at least 20% of the U.S. workforce is in danger of having their jobs shipped to countries with lower labor costs, according to Alan Binder, an economist from Princeton University. Two of the top jobs facing competition from labor overseas are computer programmers and data entry specialists.

Employees no longer spend their career at a single company, collecting their pension and gold watch when they are ready to retire. Hardworking people are forced to hop from job to job to get ahead. The average American will hold 12.4 jobs from ages 18 to 54.

Build a Better Future
Maybe you drank too much of the Kool-Aid served by corporate America and don’t mind being a corporate drone. But millions of Americans are putting down their glass and discovering a new path. If your corporate career leaves you feeling battered and bruised or you’re coping with a career transition, there’s an alternative to explore.

Americans are charting a new course in astonishing numbers. They debuted a record number of new businesses over the last two years, according to the White House. Americans filed 5.4 million new business applications in 2021 and 5.1 million in 2022.

“When was the last time you felt inspired or empowered? If you are dissatisfied with the current job market, there is a better path offering financial freedom and self-sufficiency,” said Terry Powell, the visionary founder of TES.

If you want to stop being a corporate drone, TES is ready to help you explore business ownership. TES, the nation’s leading career coaching franchise, uses education-based tools and techniques to help people explore their options, possibilities, and dreams. Our nationwide team of coaches is trained to help you set goals, explore possibilities, and guide you through the process of discovery — at no cost to you. They act as a source of guidance and support and help you attain financial freedom.

To determine if entrepreneurship is the answer you’ve been searching for, here are the steps to take to stop being a corporate drone.

  • Invest in yourself. If you are busy with the daily grind, pressing the pause button can be a challenge. But, taking time to invest in yourself by meeting with a career coach will help you start building the future you deserve.
  • Determine your goals. Defining your short- and long-term goals provides clarity and can help you overcome your fears. Our career coaches guide you as you determine your Income, Lifestyle, Wealth, and Equity™ Understanding the salary you need to pay your bills and build a nest egg is an essential step to escaping corporate monotony.
  • Open your mind to entrepreneurship. Business ownership can help you build a better work-life balance and diversify your income to save for the future. Investing in an established brand is less risky than starting a business from scratch and provides the training and guidance you need to get started. Our coaches have the experience and knowledge to help you explore business opportunities.

Find Your Path Forward
Welcome to the revolution! If you are striving to find autonomy and are tired of working in the corporate world, take time to chat with one of our career ownership coaches to discover your Career 2.0®. To start the process, simply visit FranchiseMatch.com!